Premium Potting Soil
Grower Supplies
Organic Premium Potting Soil.
Approved by multiple organic certifiers for use in organic production systems.

SCF Premium soil is the results of years of experience in our own greenhouses.
Our soil is approved for use in organic production systems. The benefits of our
mix are:

  • Peat Free - Coir based
  • Lightweight - Our mix is lighter, great for hanging baskets or container
    growing as well as plant starting in trays..
  • Moisture Holding - Our mixture holds moisture much better than peat
    based soils without chemical wetting agents. Less time watering makes for
    more profits.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Our soil is made in central Maryland on our
    own Certified Organic farm. Everything we do is with the needs of
    maintaining strict organic standards. Local Product = Local Jobs.
  • Our water comes from captured rain water, all of our processes are
    designed with efficient use of resources to keep our environment clean and
  • Professionally used by us and many certified organic farms in the region.
  • Sold in convenient 10 quart(dry) and 17 quart(dry) bags.
  • Bulk packaging in 1/10th yard bags for larger growers or cubic yards.
  • Approved by multiple organic certifiers for use on their farms (MD and
  • Higher germination rates when tested against other national brands, no
    pre-germination required. More plants per seeding!