OMRI Approved Organic Fertilizers,
Minerals, Potting Soil, Garden conditioners &Chicken Feeds.
Grower Supplies
Summer Creek Farm is proud to be a distributor for
These OMRI approved fertilizers contain no manures and come in various formulations:
5-3-4;  2-3-4;  3-5-3;  8-1-1;  0-2-9;  6-0-4. Lets us help you decide what fertilizer mix is best for you. We offer these
for sale in Bag or Ton size lots. FOB our farm.

We also offer basic organic soil amendments for sale. Kelp, Rock Phosphate, Green Sand, Boron, Fish Meal, &
Gypsum are all available.

Compost - Certified Organic Mushroom soil from a certified organic mushroom house.

We are carrying compressed COIR bales. Coir is an excellent potting material with excellent drainage and
moisture holding characteristics. Our coir bricks expand to yield 15 gallons of potting material. Our COIR is
OMRI approved , call for pricing.

PBH (Rice Hulls) are the environmentally friendly alternative to Perlite. They perform equally, take significantly
less energy to make and are less expensive! Yes they are OMRI approved.

Potting Soil
This is an excellent COIR based mix. It holds water longer, drains better and is easier to use than peat based
potting soils. This mix is excellent for starting p
lants or container gardens. Our Potting soil is approved for organic
production by MDA. The soil has also been approved for use on Pa. Organic Farms.   
Click here to find out more
potting soil info.

Trace Minerals for your garden
We carry certain rock minerals for use in your garden, small flock or compost needs.

Pro Hoe - Best Hoes on earth!   USA Made, USA Tough!

McGeary Organic Chicken Feed
For small flock growers we offer McGeary Chicken Feeds. These are organic chicken feeds. We offer by the 50 lb
bag or Ton. Let me know how we can serve your small flock needs.

Please call (301) 271-9399 or email for pricing and availability.