Summer Creek Farm Employment Opportunities
Summer Creek Farm is hiring part-time contractors for
the current season. Our schedule is flexible but you
need to be able to work outdoors and have an interest
in making things grow! Email us with your experience
(we do hire people without experience) and what your
interests are. Please include contact information. We
will get back to you as positions become available.
Pay is relative to experience.

Must be willing to work in all conditions and have an
interest in organic farming. On our farm you will have
the opportunity to learn crop production techniques,
work with poultry, honey bees, field crops, our
alternative energy program, greenhouses and high
tunnels. You will also have the opportunity to be
involved in marketing techniques such as farmers
markets, CSA's and wholesale marketing. If you are
truly interested in organic farming as a way to make a
living in the future this is a great opportunity..

Email for details.
We are taking applications
for the current season.
Currently looking for contractors performing Field
work, Green House work, Market help, Delivery
Drivers, and Clerical help . We start hiring in February
and add positions throughout the growing season as
needed. Most employment runs through October if you
and the work is available.
This year we have two part time evening shifts -
June-Sept. Sunday Evening and Wed Evening Picking
crews. 5pm-9pm.
We have two part-time packing crews. Monday and
Wendsday, 8:00 till noon.

Email us at

We sell local products & Hire local people !
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