Summer Creek Farm
introduces PROHOE to the East!
The Advantages of PROHOE

  • Made in the USA, USA materials and Labor
  • Made from Recycled Ag Disc Blades - Hard Steel - Recycled Steel
  • Sharp Edges that hold there edge and can be resharpened.
  • Hardwood  Handles
  • Superior Quality than Store Brands - Pricing that makes them affordable.
  • A quality product that will last for years and make your gardening tasks easier.

Any Hoe in Stock $31+tax
If picked up at farm.

Shipping available.
Many Models to Choose From:

  • Scuffle Hoes - The best weeders!

  • Garden Hoes - Heavy Duty Cutter!

  • Triangle Hoes - The furrow maker!

  • Dainty Hoes - For tight places!

  • Scrapers - Ice removal!

  • Field Hoes - For the tough work!
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