Multi-Mix 2 Plus
MM2+ is a versital product that is 100% organic and
made from sustable ingrediants like all Summer Creek
Farm products, MM2+ is a combination of compost
(from an organic mushroom house), Forest products,
Coir fiber, and PBH(Rice Hullls). All boosted with a
nutrient charge from an organic layer house. This
product grows!
Available in 2 cubic foot bags. Discounts for volume
Healthy crops , healthy food all comes from healthy
soils. We know the source of all our ingrediants!

Multi-Mix is a versital product used in
outdoor growing situations.
Great for:
  • Raised Beds - either for the
    entire bed or a mix.
  • Outdoor Containers
  • Lasagna Gardening
  • Top mix in a garden bed.
With the organic matter in this product
you will have great moisture rention,
drainage from the PBH and built up
your carbon reserve to feed the
microbs you want in your soil!
Add Mycorrhizal Fungi boost to your
mix if you are in a new garden.