HiDra 2 - Our cost effect performing seed
starting mix. Like all Summer Creek soil
mixes, 100% organic and sust
ainable. Peat
free made from Coir, Forrest products, PBH
(Rice Hulls) and an organic nutrient charge.  
Used in seed starting and small potting
applications. This high drainage mix grows
large roots and healthy plants.
HiDra 2 - Seed Starting Potting Soil
We grow over 10000 plants every
spring in HiDra 2. It is a work horse
mix for growing great plants with
great germination rates!
Above HiDra2 on the left has
greater roots than other national
competitors. The root plug holds
up much better in transplanting!
HiDra 2L is our latest mix with lower
EC values and a nutrient charge.
HiDra 2LF is the same as above but
sifted through a 1/4 screen.

PH averages around 6.5