Summer Creek Farm is a USDA Certified Organic Farm.
SCF consists of two small farms one of 27 acres and one of six acres, all certified
organic.  Our grown products include vegetables, forage and starter plants.  We raise
pullets from day old for sale to other small farmers and backyard chicken hobbist. Our
farm operates several  bee hives used for pollination and honey production. Summer
Creek also produces a superior line of greenhouse growing soils. Our soil less mixes
are high quality, unique and produce great results. We offer fertilizers and supplies for
other small farmers at the farm. We can use our buying volume to help small farmers
with similar purchases.

Summer Creek Farm was started in 1992 and from the start was organically operated.
In 1998 we became a fully certified farm. In 1999 we added irrigation for the vegetable
crops. In 2002 we built our first High Tunnel (21*96) for season extension. In 2004 we
added another 21*96 tunnel and in 2005 added a 26*96 tunnel for over 6500 square feet
under cover. In 2006 we added a small heated greenhouse to start plants.  In 2015 we
built germination room as we expanded our plant offerings in 2016. With several other
buildings Summer Creek is very self sustaining and a growing farm business.

We market through farmers markets,wholesale and retail
. Additionally our farm
grows under contract produce for other small farms.

Our products are available at the
West Frederick Farmers Market, on Saturdays in
. Our products are also sold at the Davids Market, Dawson Market,  
Common Market,  MoM's Organic Market and  Roots Markets.

Summer Creek Farm is a growing business and a valuable part of our
community. We thank you for supporting the local economy.

We also retail off the farm by appointment only. Email or call (301) 271 9399 for what is available,
About Summer Creek Farm
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